Monday, January 23, 2017

Review of "Cloaked" by Laura Greenwood

Once upon a time, an author from far far away wrote a story about Keira, aka Sleeping Beauty, and her Prince Philip. A story where Keira and Philip meet things that go bump in the night in their not-so-friendly dark forest of yesteryear.

Beyond that, author Laura Greenwood has produced a very readable type of fairy tale, a story where there is much more to Hansel and Gretel than a daring escape from the wicked witch. In this story, young women from a nearby village go missing. Fortunately, the siblings (and Keira and Philip) are a lot tougher than ever, ready to do battle with whatever dark forces arrive, although Keira does struggle with throwing knives!

Still, what would you say if your mother said, "My Dear Gretel, “Advisor to a King, confidante of a Queen. Breaker of curses. Your destiny is great, but to attain it you must suffer.” Sounds a little ominous to me, but then again, this is, after all, the dark forest.

The pacing is steady, with enough action and suspense to keep me turning the pages. Unfortunately, it's a quick read at just 74 pages, released by Nevermore Press on July 15, 2016. Fortunately, it's a paltry 99-cents, well worth the price, so spend a buck on Cloaked and get an enjoyable, imaginative story from a lady with a fresh writing style you'll love.

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gum on My Shoe: Fran Opens Her Copy of High Tide, Low Tide

Gum on My Shoe: Fran Opens Her Copy of High Tide, Low Tide: Fran shares her excitement as she opens her copy of our book, High Tide, Low Tide: The Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder .   ...

Friday, November 25, 2016

"Badge Without Honor" by: Emily Kendricks

  • Author Emily Kendricks has penned a very exciting Suspense novel in Badge Without Honor. The story starts innocently with the introduction of John Bocello, a tough New York homicide detective who's just trying to keep his life together after a divorce.

Fortunately, his badge puts him in constant contact with the dregs of society and keeps him busy. And, when the murders slow down, there's always that stack of cold cases to work on.

Bocello banters with his partner, Detective Steve Parsons, does a little socializing, and then all hell breaks loose when a series of murders leave the victims looking like bloody jigsaw puzzles.

Badge was put out by Sarah Publishing and is available in paperback (250 pages) as well as Kindle at Amazon. The formats aren't listed together (oops), but trust me, they are both available. The kindle edition is 605 kb at just $2.99. The novel is well formatted and edited.

The story builds slowly, moving forwards past police work, parties, a partner who is perpetually incompetent and embarrassing in social situations but seems to do just fine for himself with the ladies, and a nagging feeling that perhaps those bodies are jigsaw puzzles, and not only could they be fit back together, but each of the new murders could be pieced together some those from the past.

There is plenty of barnstorming for ideas and sleuthing in this book, and you will enjoy the plot twists and the anticiipation of figuring out hte cluues right along with Detective Bocello. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

Friday, November 18, 2016

Deadly Stillwater By: Roger Stelljes

Roger Stelljes is a very successful writer. The author of Deadly Stillwater, with over 3,100 reviews, has developed quite a following of late. The book is currently available for FREE on Kindle and  it's a good size read, 378 pages, or 5461 on Kindle.

The writing is good with a quick pace, and the majority of the reviewers at Amazon like the book very much, with 88% of the reviewers giving it either 5 or 4-stars. Obviously, Stelljes is doing something right.

The best thing about the book and the McRyan mystery series is that it does get tense. As a crime novel, I believe that readers are truly intrigued by the crimes themselves and by the suspense that Stelljes installs from chapter to chapter.

Several of the characters are paper thin, and while other writers bring the characters to us slowly, Stelljes actually adds a few pages of brief introductions near the start of the book. Again, that's against tradition, but nobody seems to care.

As for the rest of the writing, this is all story. The author captures the reader's attention by giving us a story that's intriguing and a quick read. I'll also say that he seems to be a bit lazy, actually using catch phrases like "spilled the beans" (twice), "tough as nails," and "big powwow," That's my take. Read it for the fun. Especially if it's still Free on Kindle!

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Free to Good Home by Anne Kelleher

Anne Kelleher is a writer's writer. She teach, lectures, and of course she's written plenty of books. In fact, she's penned epic, 400-page futuristic tomes and shorter, scaled-down novellas that highlight her skills at capturing a reader's fancy. And now, she's compiled a group of true short-stories designed to grab the reader, thrust them brilliantly (and quickly) into a new time or world and let them appreciate the writing before turning them loose after 20-pages.

This group of stories includes several that she calls Celebrity Supernatural, including titles like Conjuring Johnny Depp, and Walking with Elvis. Each is just long enough to savor for a half-hour before going on with your day or as with many guilty pleasures, reading one more. I also found that my mind was on the stories later, and that's the sign of a good writer. Anne Kelleher is both prolific and talented. You'll enjoy Free to a Good Home. Trust me.

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Fantasy Maker by Emily Kendricks

The Fantasy Maker by Emily Kendricks is a newly released Romance/Crime novel. Although I don't have much experience with the Romance genre, I did enjoy the intrigue and forces that got the protagonist, Emma, to venture forth and look for a new fantasy.

There is also the driving force of this book which is a murder, as all good crime stores should have (or a really good heist of some type). The author takes us through Emma and her husband's daily life, their struggles, and her diminished role in his eyes before getting to the good stuff.

Kendricks' writing is fairly straight-forward to begin with, although she does show a soft side momentarily before the action heats up, then it's all romance, sex, denial and decay, right before our eyes.

This is Kendricks' first novel, and she has a good chance of becoming a regular in the Romance books section - and I hope, a regular in a more defined area of woman-detective, woman-empowered roles that show women can be strong and beautiful at the same time.

The Fantasy Maker is available at Amazon for $3.99 on Kindle and $13.95 softbound. It runs 314 pages and currently has 21 Reviews with 90% 5-Stars. That's a pretty good sign the readers are very happy with this offering.

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

Thursday, August 13, 2015

True Blackjack

A lot of people miss the point of gambling. It's supposed to be entertaining - fun even. Unfortunately, society teaches us to be winners. We learn that we shouldn't give up and that it's better to play the game and lose than to never play. Wow, that's great for casinos, isn't it?

Keep trying, keep playing, don't give up.....

Well what if you could win at a game in the casino? Wouldn't that be cool! But casinos don't like it when you win. In fact, if you do win they will do everything in their power to figure out what you are doing and look for ways to keep you from continuing to drain their coffers.

True Blackjack is just what it says it is: a true story of a blackjack player who learned a little too much about the game of 21 and started beating the casinos, so they beat him.

These days there are enough laws and cameras that casinos can't get away with attacking the players that learn to beat the game of blackjack, but those same cameras help them detect them - and then bar them from playing. You do all that work and what have you got? Nowhere to play!

Author Ron Johnson tells his story of learning the game from professional players, using his ability to beat the casinos, lose his friends, and his freedom to play (temporarily), and he explains everything a beginner needs to know about blackjack to play almost even with the house - and then to beat the game with a simple card counting system if you want to learn that too.

Along the way he tells of his adventures and how he managed to begin winning without being detected. That's the big thrust of the book - learn, play, don't get barred.

Overall this is an enjoyable inside-the-game look at casinos and blackjack, a learning manual, and a story of youthful exuberance and the wisdom that comes with experience and loss.

You can't go wrong with True Blackjack as a good, easy read - or a place to learn the game of blackjack. It's just $2.99 at Kindle.

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe