Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Vegas and the Mob" - Book Review

Like stories about Las Vegas? Good, because that's all I've been writing about for the past year. I started with 600 pages of FBI documents on the Mob, Las Vegas, and some interesting characters like Franks Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Benny Binion and many others, and found every link possible between them, and what I came away with was that the FBI really snooped into the lives of a lot of people, but they sure didn't do much with their information!

The FBI is a huge investigatve body that keeps tabs on millions of people, and fortunately when it comes to crooks, gangsters, and Las Vegas badguys, their snooping makes for some very interesting findings in the lives of those very same casino owners!

Vegas and the Mob is the story of forty years of frenzy as Mob families fought with players, registered owners, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the FBI, and even their own members for control of the multi-million dollar empire of Sin in the Desert.

Eventually there were over a dozen Mob-controlled casinos in Downtown Las Vegas and along the Las Vegas Strip. The FBI estimates at least $300 million was skimmed from the casinos as unreported income. What the owners did to control that money is the great story behind Vegas and the Mob. I'm certain you'll find this to be a great  addition to your library!

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe