Thursday, August 13, 2015

True Blackjack

A lot of people miss the point of gambling. It's supposed to be entertaining - fun even. Unfortunately, society teaches us to be winners. We learn that we shouldn't give up and that it's better to play the game and lose than to never play. Wow, that's great for casinos, isn't it?

Keep trying, keep playing, don't give up.....

Well what if you could win at a game in the casino? Wouldn't that be cool! But casinos don't like it when you win. In fact, if you do win they will do everything in their power to figure out what you are doing and look for ways to keep you from continuing to drain their coffers.

True Blackjack is just what it says it is: a true story of a blackjack player who learned a little too much about the game of 21 and started beating the casinos, so they beat him.

These days there are enough laws and cameras that casinos can't get away with attacking the players that learn to beat the game of blackjack, but those same cameras help them detect them - and then bar them from playing. You do all that work and what have you got? Nowhere to play!

Author Ron Johnson tells his story of learning the game from professional players, using his ability to beat the casinos, lose his friends, and his freedom to play (temporarily), and he explains everything a beginner needs to know about blackjack to play almost even with the house - and then to beat the game with a simple card counting system if you want to learn that too.

Along the way he tells of his adventures and how he managed to begin winning without being detected. That's the big thrust of the book - learn, play, don't get barred.

Overall this is an enjoyable inside-the-game look at casinos and blackjack, a learning manual, and a story of youthful exuberance and the wisdom that comes with experience and loss.

You can't go wrong with True Blackjack as a good, easy read - or a place to learn the game of blackjack. It's just $2.99 at Kindle.

Thanks for reading - Al W Moe

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Take me out to the ball game

Take me out to the ball game, let me eat lots of junk. I'll stay away from my Kindle blog and find that my numbers have sunk!

Apparently I have seriously neglected this blog. Although I have been involved with several books recently (my own and two friends), I have no excuse. So, it's time to get more books reviewed. For a few weeks I'll entertain emails from authors who want a free review. Readers want good books, good reviews, and I've got an opinion, so look out. All I ask is that you take a look at other reviews and consider purchasing another author's book - we all need to sell books.

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Thanks for reading - Al W Moe