Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review of "I Remember the Time" by Kim Hemphill

In the simplest terms, Kim Hemphill is a survivor. That's all he knew, that's all he had. And, he's a Seattle Mariner's fan, so things are still tough since the Mariner's have never made it to the World Series, but he's still rooting for them. And, I'm a Mariner's fan, so I know what it's like rooting for the underdog when there's no help in sight.

Of course, that's what Kim's life was like for years. The car he was riding in what hit by a train when he was three years old. The result was cuts, scrapes, bruises and 105 stitches across his face and his scalp. Just an early turning point. 

His family life was rough and tumble, and they were so poor he bought himself his first toothbrush when he was 14, shortly before he lost his brother to the Vietnam war.

If you are ready for a tough read, a story of homelessness, a story of learning to live with what you've got on your back and nothing more, then I Remember the Time, Kim Hemphill's memoir is for you.

There's much more here than struggle. There's eventual love, success, and reward. There's a new life filled with inventions sold across the United States and Canada, and there are acceptance and satisfaction.

Published January 1, 2017, this book is deep in drama, conflict, and survival. It's also a story of hope and perseverance. You can get a copy on Kindle right now!

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