Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review of "Secrets to Shine Through the Noise" by Akasha Garnier

  • Akasha Garnier is a writer, producer, and activist who has led an exciting and balanced life as a radio production director and PR manager. She's traveled and worked in places like London, Paris, Los Angels, New York, and Hawaii. Good for her, right?

Well good for us too, because she has now added a book, Secrets to Shine Through the Noise, to help readers choose a direction in life. As she says, "use the GPS factor to align with your inner compass and passions."

Part self-help, part motivational, Akasha's stories of the road help the reader see that anyone can achieve what they truly want, as long as they are willing to really ask themselves what it might be. There is no sense being unfulfilled. The first step is making a plan for the future, even if it is just a tiny first step!

This book was published September 8, 2016, and it's getting hot. Right now, it's on sale for just 99-cents, but you've got to act quickly before the price goes back up on Kindle. The paperback, 156 pages, is $19.99.

In keeping with Akasha's motivational and giving personality, 10% of the proceeds from this book are going to Teen Cancer The author's the real deal, and her words can motivate you to move forward in life and attain your dreams.

We are all worthy of success and reading "Secrets" can help you hear what your heart is longing for, and then Shine through the noise!

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